14 04 2008

Having not been to the Vancouver Art Gallery in sometime I decided to stop by and see the show by Kutlag Ataman entitled Paradise and Kuba. The works is broken up into two parts one being Kuba and the other Paradise. They are situated in different rooms across the gallery from each other. They are both constructed of television sets displaying interviews with what seem to be random people. When I arrived I decided to get straight to it and went up to the third floor not really knowing what to expect upon entering. I walked into the Kuba part of the exhibit first as it was right by the escalator. I was bombarded with sound as soon as i entered the room. The experience was like entering a party, there were many different types of televisions sitting on an assortment of tables with images of people talking to the screen. In front of the television screen there were chairs, some inviting some looking quite uncomfortable the same went for the people on the screens. It was overwhelming at first but as i walked deep into the room i was pulled in by a large boisterous woman smoking a cigarette on one of the 40 screens. It was an interesting experience having her tell me all about her life. She intensely shared intimate details of her past while i just sat and listened. I sat with this first person for their whole interview and then having been watching the screen next door from the corner of my eye i decided to move over a seat and see what this sad looking moutasched man had to say. His stories were heartbreaking; he spoke of losing his son and his problems with the weak justice system in Kuba. I also sat with this man for the duration of his interview. I sat at a couple of others for a few minutes but having been there for over an hour already I decided to move on to the Paradise portion of the work.
Paradise was very much like Kuba in that the idea was the same but aesthetically they they differed greatly. Where Kuba had an assortment of older looking furniture Paradise had pristine white benches and flat screen TV’s. Also it was quiet. Except for one television they all had headphones attached to them. One person I engaged with talked about his experience on The Tonight Show which was quite humerous while another person talked about weddings. I did not find it nearly as interesting as the Kuba part as the people there talked about themselves. The people in Paradise talked of California related things and as a person living in western society, i’ve been exposed to this extensively.
It was an insipiring experience to say the least.


the one and only!

7 03 2008

so i guess i should do a little more writing. I’m sick and what better time to lay around and rant.

i hate being sick. I am infamous for burning the candle at both ends and when i can’t leave bed i cant burn any candles…aaagh! I need to work on some music right now but i have a headache so cant do that either… what music ? i thought you’d never ask! I’m workin on an EP with my man E.D.G.E. you can hear him here on his myspace   It’s gonna be grimey, and for all you non hip hop listening cats out there that’s a good thing.

Also on the music tip, i have my first opportunity to spin my own music at a party at the Noodle Box (where i work) where edge will also be performing. I’m a little nervous but that is what beer is for. i’m really more worried how its going to sound over pro speakers than whether  people are going to like it.

I’m Out!

mapping project(Game)

25 02 2008

here is my mapping project …it is a game if you want to play it… think it may have been more fun to make than it is to play…but hey give it a shot!

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panorama project

4 02 2008


Here is my panorama project for all you web surfers. funny how they call it “surfing”.

anyway i gave the print to the guy who owns the shop and he wants to use it for his web site and he gave me a store credit. Art pays!

Urban intervention ideas

4 02 2008


here are my ideas for the urban intervention . i would like to delete some things from the urban setting , advertisments of course being the most obnoxious images, were the main target of my deletions. I do realise that in deleteing things i find obnoxious i am doing a service to my self and that others may not agree with my opinions but i think that people are bombarded by so much information every day that some may find it nice to not have an ad in their face. Also i wanted to copy and paste something in reality. to employ this idea i want to take this alley way opening and make a duplicate of it on the same wall . In the delete idea i think that i may choose to execute it in white instead of black, i think it might work better , you know white paper, white screen etc.

Almost DIED this weekend. Twice.

21 01 2008

well it was actually only once but i consider getting so loser pissed that you black out almost dying too. any way i was at work and i was taking down the hood vents which are the vents above where we cook, they extract everything like smoke, grease and steam. So i ,being the shortest guy working at the time, decided to take them down and fell from the top of the wok burners which are jet engine hot and landed on the floor just narrowly missing smashing my brain all over the corner of the refridgerator corner! wow! customers who were still in the restaurant rushed to my aid but luckily i quickly curled into a ball in mid air clutching one of the hood vents which fell on me.  I landed on my pelvis. OUCH.

I’m fine but i should probably see a doctor or something.

That same night i went out to Shine night club with my buddy from work. Apparently he knows everyone in vancouver and i had so many tequila shots bought for me that i lost a good 5 hours of my waking life memory. Funniest part of the night was when i was almost in a fist fight with my friends best buddy which i had just met that night and he came to break us up. He rushed over to us and pushed us apart only to get handcuffed by the police who came out of nowhere! You may not think that its very funny but when you take into account that my friend is black and he was helping us and he was the one who got hancuffed it seems pretty hilarious. They let him go and we all hd a chuckle about it the next day.


oh herro.

9 01 2008

man i signed up for an online class by accident! dammit. now i have to juggle some stuff to get the classes i need cuz i sure aint doin a class with a teacher that i will never meet!